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Emily Raymonda is an Art Educator and Ceramic Artist living in beautiful Beaufort, South Carolina. She is currently teaching 5th-12th grade at The Complete Student. She is creating ceramics in her adorable backyard studio while being closely monitored by her dog, Daphne.

Raymonda Ceramics are handmade functional pieces that are influenced by the bright colors and motifs that you find in the beautiful, coastal town. It is a mix of rich history and modern living!

Raymonda Ceramics was featured in Local Life Magazine 2021 Gift Guide. 

Raymonda Ceramics is for sale at South Carolina State Museum. Lowcountry Made, Burnt Church Distillery Market, and online. Check out our Event page for more info!

 Emily was born in South Bend, Ind. and raised in Bel Air, Md. where she graduated with a Fine Arts distinction diploma from The John Carroll School. Emily received her B.F.A. with a concentration in ceramics and  M.A.T. in Art Education at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, Sc. 

 Story & Philosophy

  • Can I request a custom order?
    We will do our best to work with you on a custom order. Fill out the Custom/wholesale order page. Check out the portfolio for things we have made in the past!
  • Can I microwave it?
    Yes! Raymonda Ceramics uses: Food Safe Microwave safe Top rack dishwasher safe clay and glazes! We do recommend avoiding Thermal Shock from transferring the ceramic piece from room temperature to hot or cold. So, don't put it in the fridge then pour boiling water in a mug, it might break or crack.
  • Do you make everything?
    Yes! I found pottery in college, and it stole my heart. Everythiing is handmade and takes days to be complete. I use the pottery wheel and hand rolled slabs. The pieces are trimmed and altered by hand then decorated using a variety of mediums and processes, using underglazes, carving or screenprinted images. Each piece takes two trips through the kiln reaching 2232F.
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